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We provide senior legal expertise and guidance for the personal attention it deserves & help you settle as quickly as possible.

Immigration Lawyers & Consultants

At Immigrate Migrate, we are Immigration Lawyers and are subject to a higher degree of regulation and supervision compared to other Australian Migration Agents.

We are not only registered with Migration Agents Registration Authority (‘MARA’) and therefore subject to MARA’s guidelines and regulations but we are also regulated by the Legal Practitioners Act and Regulations and are closely monitored by the Legal Practitioner Conduct Commission.

We have a duty to maintain a high degree of confidentiality of all communications between our clients and our firm. This is often referred to as "legal professional privilege".

A lawyer may only disclose privileged communications if clearly instructed to do so by their client. The proper administration of justice requires that clients are able to communicate freely and frankly with their lawyer, without fear of disclosing any information relevant to the legal advice that they are seeking.


Visa Eligibility & Expert Legal Counsel for

more difficult matters  

Our Quality assist program is designed to streamline the visa eligible and application process. If there are any issues that arise, we have a team of legal experts who will fervently assume the responsibility of curing any complications. Too often the difference between failure and success rests upon securing the right representation. At Immigrate Migrate, we are the right choice!


As a well trained and a truely specialised team of Solicitors, Barristers, Migration Agents and Consultants, we are suitably poised to:

  • Interpret all relevant laws and regulations including the Migration Act 1958 and the Migration Regulations;

  • Fervently and efficiently promote our clients desires in context with all applicable laws;      

  • Prepare, file and argue legal submissions in response to requests or refusals made by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, whether that be a Merits review through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, a Judicial review through the Federal Court or indeed the High Court or to seek Ministerial Intervention Under the Migration Act 1958.


Fast Migration

Visa Application Processing 

Our years of experience allow us to streamline and provide fast solutions to facilitate the automation of Visa applications. As a result of our dual role as Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers, we are able to provide the highest degree of specialised representation to best advance your  desires and to efficiently and equitably streamline the application process pertinent to your respective requirements.

We aim to create a hassle-free process for our clients'. As your legal team, we have your best interest in mind and we will act on your behalf to get you approved as quickly as possible.

Additional legal and Personalised Assistance

Our legal team of experts specialise in a vast array of legal disciplines including on matters of Immigration, Foreign Investment, Banking, Corporate law, Crypto Advisory, Coneyancing and Criminal law.


With a combination of a scholastic and reformist approach, our team is well equipped to advise you on matters of Investment Banking, Private Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity transactions, Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance.

Business, Corporate and 

Work based Immigration Services

  • Our  experienced Legal Counsel will provide you with sound  information about the applicable laws.
  • We assist in the preparation and the filing of legal documents for acquiring items such as; property, business or investment. 
  • We also Prepare, orientate and condition clients for Employment Readiness.
  • Assist in preparing Job ready qualification documents as per international standard.
  • We take care of all legal matters to ensure you have the best representation and outcome.

Additional Services at call

There are many things to consider when settling into a new country with its own legal system and diverse culture.


At Immigrate Migrate, we offer additional services to assist you so things are in place for you when you arrive, including:


  • Assistance in booking you into a University or college and facilitate the University admission process for you;
  • Helping you to find a place to live – Rent or Purchase;
  • Help you to open a bank account;
  • Helping you to find work;
  • Registering you for GST if required and referring you to a chartered accountant to prepare you for you taxation obligations.